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Discussion in 'Dogue de Bordeaux' started by Ambrostan, Sep 23, 2018.

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    Advice required

    I am an experienced Dogue owner, and after loosing my boy Elwood some weeks ago, I have decided its time to start thinking about another puppy.

    I am in contact with a brilliant breeder and can't wait for the puppy to be old enough to come home.

    I have been through this before but on this occasion, I am in the position where I would like to and can have more than one pup.

    Questions are, do I get two from the same litter, if yes should it be two girls, two boys or boy and girl?

    Or would it be more prudent to get my new boy home and think about a second Dogue when he is older?

    There is so much conflicting advice on the web.
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  3. Chris B

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    Personally, I'd get your puppy, enjoy him, get him through his puppy and adolescence and then look to get another pup if I felt I wanted another.

    Puppies are hard work and the added pressure of them being more interested in each other rather than you makes getting two together daunting.
  4. who owns who

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    I have 2 Akitas 14 months apart in age, the older one has recently turned two. I agree with Chris B, get this one first and have him bond with you and if you (and the dog) still want another add her latter.

    My two are very much a bonded pair now. When I recently had the female spayed my male was depressed while she was at the vets overnight, didn’t want to eat, moped around... but they both look to me first, not each other. Getting the male first was highly recommended to me by a breeder, and not even the one I got my dogs from.

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