Almost 4 month old pup Training

Discussion in 'German Shorthaired Pointer' started by MichelleYoung, Mar 21, 2020.

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    Almost 4 month old pup

    Hi we have a Pointer/Brittany mix that is almost 4 months old. She is very sweet and very smart. Crate training has gone so well. She sleeps through the night. And potty training is coming along well too. But what started out as what we called a sassy personality is quickly turning wild. If she doesn't like being told no she will bark at us. And she jumps up on us and lunges at us and bites our ankles. And she is just wild....running through the house and over furniture etc.

    I could use some advice or suggestion on how to train her to be a well mannered dog.

    Her mom is half Brittany 1/4 GSP and 1/4 wired hair pointer and the dad is half pointer and half Brittany. My pup definitely looks like a GSP. She is absolutely gorgeous and loves everyone.
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