Anatolian enforces house rules too strictly Behaviour

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    Anatolian enforces house rules too strictly

    Our Anatolian is about 1 year old. He guards my goats and entire homestead, but he also comes inside when he wants too. He was raised this way and knows all the rules of the house as he is VERY intelligent. The problem is, when one of our other young dogs breaks a house rule such as taking one of our cat toys, or jumps on the counter(shes a bloodhound, go figure) our Anatolian gets very upset. He'll growl and coral her into her crate, as we used to do when she was in trouble. He isnt an aggressive dog, but he does escalate to just short of attacking. he mostly does this when i am absent and its just my wife in the room, or if niether of us are there. He also has beef with our oldest cat, probably because he comes and goes as he pleases, and is very sure of himself. Im just a little worried that one day niether of us will be in the room and it will become a fight. Does anyone else have an Anatolian that does this? How do i assure him that when hes inside, its not his job to enforce the rules?

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