Could our dog be a Kelpie? Questions

Discussion in 'Australian Kelpie' started by Franziska, Oct 16, 2019.

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    Could our dog be a Kelpie?


    I am new here and would like to ask you for advice.

    And although we have one, now 6 months old, mixed-breed male with us and would like to know what he could be.
    We got him from a farm for 9 weeks. People think there are horses, sheep, goats cattle ...

    He currently has 41-42 cm and probably weighs 10 - 12 kg (scales broken). Our Louis is quite thin, leggy and very articulated.
    On the front paws, it looks as if he gets longer coat there and his long tail is gradually bushy.
    At the neck he has a kind of fur collar

    At 9 weeks he still had floppy ears, but now they try to set up every now and then? XD

    To the character: He is very lively! Will always be busy. Even after eating.
    He can be pretty stubborn, too.
    He is very friendly to people. He has always been. He barks briefly, but then he wants to be petted. : D

    If he sees other dogs, he often sits down and watches them from a distance. He only barks when they are bigger.
    If he wants to play with one, then he lies down first and then crawls slowly to the dog.

    He likes to observe other animals. Birds, hedgehogs etc.
    He could stand there for hours ...
    He wants to play with cats. Probably because we have one.
    With our cat, does it often look as if it would drive him?
    He has already made 1-3 this "stalking".

    Stamina / Intellect:
    He can run / run endlessly!
    For real! He once played with an older dog and did not stop by himself. His tongue was already out, but he kept on.
    If he is overwhelmed (new place - many new odors, etc.) then he likes to go through times. Barking, jumping on ... etc.

    Louis is very smart and likes to learn new tricks.
    He likes to apply learned tricks on his own.

    What do you all mean?
    Could he be a (half) Kelpie, or even a Border Collie?
    Or something completely different? XD

    Thanks for your answers: D

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    Sorry, my vote is neither a Kelpie nor Border Collie, but there could be a little Collie blood in the mix.
    If you are really curious, why not have a dna test done?

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