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    Intro and request for info

    Hello fellow min pin lovers. I am 51 and had 4 min pins (all at once!)

    I have had dogs of other breeds all my life. I have lived in the U.K. for nearly 18 years and brought my two 3 year old bonded pair neutered males with me from my country of origin.

    Every dog I have had I have owned from around 9 weeks until they crossed the rainbow bridge.

    a year after I arrived in the U.K. I purchased 2 more min pins from the kennel club assured breeder programme. They also bred full size Dobermann’s and I visited several breeders to inspect the facility etc before deciding on one which was one of the best facilities I have ever seen, not only in terms of the buildings but all paperwork, vetting, etc.

    sadly in March this year on my birthday my last min pin passed away age 16.
    I have misplaced the pedigree certificates because I spayed/neutered all the dogs intending them to be pets only. In 16 years you forget a lot but the breeder was in the U.K. north of London and had a name that had a unique spelling called dobinaire Dobermans or some other spelling of Dobinaire. They may have closed their business or maybe my spelling is so off I just can’t find them anywhere.

    is anyone able to help? I would like to use them again. Many thanks
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    I can only find one Dobinaire listed on the KC Health Test Results page. This is a Yellow Labrador, which was born on 17.12.1999.
    There only seem to be seven KC Assured Breeders of Min Pins - none of them are in that area.
    I suggest that you contact The Miniature Pinscher Club of Great Britain. If they exhibited, someone may know of this breeder - or who is likely to have any related stock.

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