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Discussion in 'Tibetan Terrier' started by KeithsGirl77, Jul 1, 2019.

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    LEPTO Vaccine

    Lepto Vaccine question please!!!
    Hello all! I have a 5 month old TT named Abbey. We adore her!! Our breeder said that TT's have reactions (seizures!) to the Lepto vaccine and wanted us to know so we could make an informed decision on whether or not to vaccinate.

    I took Abbey to her vet this past weekend, and when discussed, the vet said that she doesn't know of TT's being any more susceptible than any other breed. I love in CO, and we DO have Lepto in this state.

    It is also communicable to humans, and we have 3 kids that I want to watch out for.

    I was hoping to reach out here to ask if anyone has heard of this in regards to TT's?

    Also, has anyone given their TT the Lepto vaccine, and if yes, did it all go alright?
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    Hello Brandy - I do not know anything about TTs but my angel Pereg [the one in my avatar] had epilepsy with major Grand Mal seizures, and she had all her vaccinations, including Lepto, with no reaction to them.

    I hasten to add that she had had the Lepto together with all other vaccinations [including the rabies shot] since she was a puppy, and her idiopathic epilepsy did not start until she was 2 years and 3 months old, so it had nothing to do with the Lepto one.

    As far as I can remember there were no owners of TTs posting on the Epi List.

    If there is Lepto in your State, and especially as you have young children, I would have no hesitation in Abbey having the necessary shots.
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    Tibetan Terriers are not my breed, but I haven't heard of any specific problem with them, though there do seem to have been reports from some dog owners who believe that the more recent Lepto 4 vaccine has resulted in their dogs becoming ill. Though these reports appear to be anecdotal rather than scientific, they are far from isolated, and some UK owners and breeders have opted to stick with the original Lepto 2 vaccine.
    One thing to bear in mind is that Lepto 2 or Lepto 4 vaccine only provides cover against either two or four of the 200 or so strains of leptospira - and that that protection is not likely to last for a full 12 months.
    There is an awful lot of information online, and some of it is a bit scary. Search - Lepto vaccine side effects in dogs. I can only suggest doing your homework, and then making your own decision - taking into account a balance of opinions, and your local level of risk.
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    I don't regularly vaccinate after puppyhood. Never had a problem. Once my dogs are adults, I only do required 3 year rabies. My first puppy when I was 8 got parvo. Cost $600 but my mother paid it and the dog survived and lived to be nearly 16. Never wanted it to happen again so I do vaccinate as puppies. I do the DHLPP (distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza, parvo) in stages. I don't do Bordatella or Corona. Haven't had an issue.

    I firmly oppose ANY form of anti vax. Vaccinations have saved many many pets (and people) and doctors work hard to make them to help. They can prevent lethal diseases like rabies and parvo in dogs (and polio and mumps in humans) and there's no strong data that they are harmful.

    I say to get the combo vaccination as recommended for all puppies. It is not likely to cause any harm and may well be of help.

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