Newbie - seeking info on Czech Wolfdog Questions

Discussion in 'Czechoslovakian Wolfdog' started by AXL, Sep 2, 2010.

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    Newbie - seeking info on Czech Wolfdog


    I've just joined this site as I am seeking as much information as I can possibly get regarding the Czech Wolfdog.

    I would desparately love one and think it would be a perfect match with my and my families lifestyle.

    I've owned many breeds over the years from cross breeds to pedigrees, large and small. I've had some from pups and some I have rescued as they were aggressive and would have been put down if they went to a shelter

    My doberman, Shadow (male) recently died and we all miss him terribly, including my Neapolitan x Presa - Axl (male). I can't remember a time I've only had one dog, I normally have 2 or 3 at a time (ages staggered). Normally 'dogs come to me' - i.e. someone needs a home for their dog, I've even 'found them' (a beautiful puppy Alsation we named Tara found her way to my doorstep and spent the night there before I finally opened the door and saw her the next morning - my neighbour saw her the night before but thought she was a fox) or someones had a litter of accidental puppies. However, no dogs have come my way and I thought I'd take the opportunity to 'choose' the new addition to my family and would really like a Czech Wolfdog.

    I dont want to go into this blindly and want to learn as much as possible before I seek out the best breeder.

    What confuses me is that I've read on some sites that they mix well with other dogs and on other sites it says they dont. First and foremost, I will not bring another dog into the home that wont get on with Axl (I have had dogs in the past who havent got on and I kept them separated and all was fine, but its not through choice that I would do that, only out of necessity).

    Because I have a male I am looking to for a bitch (certainly not for breeding but being my first wolfdog I feel that a bitch would be easier to handle and I wont have to deal with the male to male dominance issue) - Can anyone with experience and knowledge advise me asto whether I can raise (from a pup) a wolfdog with my current boy (he is currently 11 months old and very socialised)???
    And how do they tend to get on with other dogs - my family have dogs whom we will see when I or they visit each other (we take ours dogs most places).

    I would also like to know what training techniques I could use as, from what I've read, they need more purpose to their training and arming myself with tips, tricks, techniques and methods will obviously help me greatly - I do not want to take it for granted that carrying my paper home from the shop and giving her paw will keep her satisfied.

    I'd appreciate as much info as poss - thanks.
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