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Discussion in 'Hungarian Vizsla' started by pete crazy vizslas, Nov 9, 2020.

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    Odd behavior

    Hi I have 2 vizslas a gorgeous girl who is the model citizen and a boy who is the most loving family dog that can sense when anyone is upset and makes sure he says goodnight to the kids and in general he is amazing BUT
    Here is the but when out walking some dogs he comes across he charges at and mouths and some he just wants a good old chase.
    Mouthing is part of the way he plays with our other v and can be rough but when he charges at other dogs his hair stands up and we are not so sure that it is rough play and upsets quiete a few people. He doesn’t do it with all dogs and it’s normaly when it’s a similar dog ie another vizsla a wiemerana or German pointer sometimes German Shepard dogs.
    It’s beggining to really get upsetting because he is a lovely dog but getting a bit of a bad rep in the countryside where we take them.
    There are people who we see and walk with who have dogs and he is fine has a sniff a play and just generally walks along with them and others that see him put their dog on lead and walk the other way.has anyone else had this experience
    Thanks in advance
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