Potential adoption of EBT Questions

Discussion in 'Bull Terrier' started by AnnW, Sep 28, 2017.

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    Potential adoption of EBT

    Advice needed: I am potentially adopting a one year old male EBT who is being rehomed (too rowdy around baby). He is leash, crate and house trained. He is energetic but is not destructive to the house or big furniture. He is also not a barker or suffer from separation anxiety.

    I work full-time but with a flexible schedule and could come home for lunch most days. I would provide a walk in the morning (sometimes at lunch) and then exercising him in the fenced backyard in the evening, and then a walk at night..

    Anyone familiar with the breed that could tell me if this is sufficient enough exercise? And enough so that when he is inside he is not too rambunctious and running around the house (apparently he does run around some but is not extremely hyper like some BTs).

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    I had an EBT myself a few years back and she was great in the house while I was at work. I could luckily call home at 11 and then at dinner time. What I did was, in the morning give her a good run round the garden while I had breakfast. Pop home to check on her at 11ish and while I was having dinner let her run round the garden again. And when I came home from work she hadn't moved from the sofa. I took her out for a run around the field and forest and finished by putting her on the lead and walking her for an hour. If you have the time to do some of these things to tire him out, he should be no trouble and he'll enjoy cuddles all evening with you on the sofa, sleep right through and get into a routine in no time. Lots of chew toys also helps keep your precious furniture and anything else of value safe. Hope this helps. Please let me know how you get on and post some pics as I love EBT's. And miss my Lulu Dog every single day!

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