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Discussion in 'French Bulldog' started by NathanSF, Sep 15, 2020.

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    Raw food/Frenchies/allergies

    Hi! First post so apologies if I commit any forum faux pas. We have a Frenchie (Lucy) who turns 8 months old tomorrow and she has been having digestive issues off and on since she came home. Aware that the breed does have known issues in this area but curious if anyone else has experienced the same or has any suggestions.

    Originally we were feeding her a dry kibble that the vet recommended and she would have digestive issues (loose stool) on and off. We tried out another brand for a short period but she just didnt want to eat it. For the last couple of weeks shes been getting a minimally processed/raw(ish) food called Small Batch Dog. She loves this new food and has seemed very happy however shes currently under the weather and am wondering if it could be an allergy.

    Started the new food 2 weeks ago and its a lamp protein. Over the weekend she vomited once and the yesterday started sounding very congested. We're in CA so it could very well be that we've had terrible air quality due to the fires recently. Last night she had diarrhea at 3am and again at 6am. Normally shes quite happy in her crate all night long.

    Long story long, curious if anyone in CA is having similar issues that they think may be related to the air quality, opinions on raw food for Frenchies and related allergies.

    We are going to the vet later today but thanks in advance for any input!
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    Vomiting and diarrhoea combined with congestion sounds more like an infection than an allergy to me. Definitely see your vet.

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