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Discussion in 'Jack Russell Terrier' started by johnny ola, Feb 11, 2019.

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    Serious dilemma

    If anyone can share some advice I'd be grateful.

    My sister got a Jack Russell puppy last spring, so he's not even a year old. My sister is mentally ill and she didn't train or discipline the dog. She allowed him to sleep with her, eat the same food with her, and poop and pee in the house. Come her monthly binge drinking and aggression the dog freaked out and attacked her several times. One day a friend brought her to the hospital to bandage up her hand. Later that day I actually had to kick him to get him off of her.

    My sister is in a psychiatric clinic for the thousandth time and I took the dog before she even went because I was afraid of him attacking her. It's going on three weeks. I've done what I could; every time he acts out I put him in the cage. I've managed to minimize his indoor pee by giving him 4 long walks and scolding him if he misbehaves. No hitting. I've gotten him to sit sometimes. I use treats and such.

    For the most part he's a good dog, high energy, demanding. Yet since I've had him he's twice tried to bite me viciously. Both times it was because a friend visited the house. Actually the first time it was at another house and when someone was coming in I had to hold him down cause he was thrashing and growling violently. Then yesterday I had a friend over and the dog simply freaked. He totally switched demeanor from a whiny little puppy to a buffed up beast and he was challenging me. He tried to charge me a couple times but in order to avoid having to kick him in defense I put a chair between us and after some loud yelling he went in the cage to avoid a conflict.

    Later that same day, I let him out of the cage and he was cool. But then he went into my bathroom and peed. I tried to grab him behind the neck (as mother dogs do) to bring him to the pee and scold him but I could see he was much stiffer than usual, probably a result of earlier. In any case he wouldn't allow me to scold him. As soon as I tried to grab him he tried to attack me. I held him for dear life cause if I let go he would have got me. I put him in the cage.

    So why haven't I found a new home for him? Cause my sister will freak and I'm afraid of her having a self-destructive reaction. After yesterday's scene though I'm convinced the dog is too dangerous and she doesn't have the capability to assert her dominance and train him. I did find a trainer, but alone and at home I fear it will backfire.

    I'm just looking for some advice. Given the circumstances, should I try and find him a new home or should I give him another chance? I feel really bad for the dog since he's known only us for almost a year, but I just feel that allowing this high-maintenance and dangerous dog to be around my sister is asking for it. I can't keep him because he's just too demanding and I can't work or do anything in my home without him there asking for attention. Plus I don't wanna have to worry about him attacking me and getting my guitar hand. Ideally I would find a new owner with a yard or something, but then there's also a risk of him getting beaten given his behavior....
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    I am sorry that you have inherited such a complicated problem, and I'm also sorry I can't offer the hope of a quick fix. You really need local help from a behaviourist who believes in using positive methods. Forget dominance, confrontation is not going to work with this dog - and yes, someone is likely to get hurt. I would be inclined to first see a vet to rule out any health reasons for his behaviour. If the vet finds nothing, ask if he/she can recommend a behaviourist.

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