Significance of knowing your RC's lineage Questions

Discussion in 'Collie (Rough)' started by aquajoyice, Nov 7, 2017.

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    Significance of knowing your RC's lineage

    Hello All,

    I'm new to this site and preparing to get my first rough collie in about 2 weeks. I've loved these beautiful dogs since I was a child and wanted to make sure I chose the right one. I found a breeder in Minnesota and she'll be shipped to me (in California) when she's 8 weeks old.

    I'm still in research mode and prepping my house so we'll be ready when she gets here. Luckily the breeder has been completely open with me in sharing information about her lineage. It's great that I have so much information about her history and genetic info from both parents in terms of possible genetic illnesses, but wondering what it means to have a dog bred from champion bloodlines?

    Either way i'm going to love my girl no matter what, but all my dogs as a child were usually mutts and this is my first full bred dog. I also notice that they're registered with the SCPS and AKC. Is there some kind of benefit to having any of this?

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