Targeted Prey Training

Discussion in 'Jack Russell Terrier' started by NachoDog, Feb 28, 2021.

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    Targeted Prey

    Hey guys! I’ve owned Jack Russells in the past, but only as pets. Now I’m thinking of getting one to control rats etc on a farm. The only issue is I don’t want it going after native birds. How feasible would it be (if at all) to train a jr to only go after small mammals, but not birds?
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    Easy , don’t see any problem with a jr getting rodents that part is almost guaranteed :)

    just let it get rodents it’s natural instinct and encourage it .
    Tell it no for birds , my dog catches rodents and doesn’t chase birds they get used to birds being around .
    Control things as much as you have to , eg : a lead around chickens first .

    my dog had learned to chase small lizards as an older pup by her mother when I first got her .

    I just switched her focus to other things and took her fixation away from lizards .
    She is lizard hunting free

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