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Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Malka, Sep 7, 2020.

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    The Waterpick Affair

    A while ago I bought a waterpick which was just what I needed. Unfortunately I made the mistake of buying one which is battery operated and I had great difficulty in doing the thing up once I had put the batteries in. As I was so pleased with the way it worked though, I decided to get a second one as according to where I am when I clean my teeth [either the ensuite in the morning or the handbasin in the hallway at other times] but this time decided to pay the extra and get an USB rechargeable one. Which I must admit is far better and I should have bought that one instead of the battery operated one in the first place.

    Anyhow, the batteries lasted for ages but eventually packed up and after two days of trying [and saying norty words] to replace them, I gave up and waited for the Ninja to call round so he could put the new batteries in for me. So when he turned up earlier [he had picked up my meds for me] I asked him to please do it for me as I could not manage. I am not sure what he was muttering due to him wearing a face mask, but three times things sprang out of the thing, which ended up by the requirement of having to crawl around with a torch to find the bits.

    He finally got the whole thing back together, switched it on and nothing happened. Well of course nothing happened because the reservoir was empty, so I went and put some water in it to try it.

    Was it my fault that when he then switched it on it was pointed at his face...:043:
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