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Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Malka, Sep 24, 2019.

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    There is a large lizard... my en-suite, in-between the sliding windows and the screen. I went in to close the window for the night as it does not have a security grill outside, and there it was. And there it still is, with the window now closed so it cannot get out. Unlike my other windows, which open inwards and have an inward opening screen with the shutters outside, the window in the en-suite does not have shutters and the screen is fixed, so it cannot get out through the screen.

    This is quite large lizard, not a small house gecko, which I do not mind, and I have no idea how it could have gotten into the en-suite in the first place as it is the furthest place from the front door, which is the only way to get into my bungalow. All the other windows stay open as they have grills on the outside of them, and the screens are only opened to open and close the louvres on the trissim. So it could not have gotten in through any of them.

    So... it can only have gotten in during the day when the door is always open and made its way all through the place - including my bedroom :eek: to get into the en-suite.

    Problem. How in Hades am I going to get it out of here? :102::100::102::100::102:
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