Tibetan Terrier puppy 17 weeks old, thoughts on age? Questions

Discussion in 'Tibetan Terrier' started by tgfamily, Feb 11, 2019.

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    Tibetan Terrier puppy 17 weeks old, thoughts on age?


    We are looking at adding a tibetan terrier to our family and would appreciate thoughts from others familiar with the breed please.

    First about us: stay at home mum, dad works quite long hours, two girls (seven and nine), both quiet and caring children. House has walled back yard (about 40x40 feet). This will be our first dog, though Mum had dogs as a child.

    We are considering a puppy who is a tibetan terrier. Our point of concern about her, is that she is 16 weeks old and will be 17 weeks by the time we bring her home. We met her this weekend and she has a lovely personality: calm and friendly, independent, curious, seemed very happy.
    The pup has been raised in a household where the parent TTs are family pets. This is the second litter they have bred. The family seem fairly well off and raising the puppies seems as much a labour of love as a money making exercise. They say it has been a huge amount of work and that they aren't planning on breeding again. Both parents in the household are huge dog enthusiasts and they have two children, 5 and 7 year old boys. The pup is one of eight in the litter, there are three remaining. (One is accounted for, but isn't picked up yet, another is a quiet, shy smaller male, and the girl we are considering). The dogs are all in the open plan kitchen/dining room, (including the pups mum and dad), very much part of everyday life in the family. It's a busy household (with two children) though in a rural setting on outskirts of a country town. We live a busy but green city suburb. The pups sleep in a crate. We spent two hours with both families and all the dogs together and got a good vibe about the family and all the dogs.

    Knowing that advice is generally to get a puppy in the 8-12 week range, 17 weeks is old. However this puppy seems to have had some relevant socialization (in a family home). How easily is this puppy likely to adapt to other quite different things she hasn't been exposed to (city trains rumbling past, busy street markets, being in our car, etc)? How well is this puppy like to bond with all of us at that age?

    Any thoughts/advice here?

    We do like everything we have read about the TT breed, though they are very rare in our country so will be difficult to find another. But we are happy to be patient.

    Many thanks!!
    TG Family
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    It is very unusual to still have three puppies remaining from a litter at 17 weeks, but if the breed is rare in your country, it can be difficult to find buyers - I had this problem myself when I bred my one and only Löwchen litter!
    Tibetan Terriers usually have lovely natures, and I wouldn't expect you to have any problems socialising your puppy. I would be prepared for her to miss being a member a large family group at first though. When I bred for show, (not Tibbies), I would occasionally run on two puppies from a litter to be sure of my choice, and I can never recall there being any problem settling the departing puppy into its new home. I would ask the breeder which words they had been using for basic commands and toileting, and try to keep to the same routine and foods, at least for the first few weeks.
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    What an exciting time
    I can’t really offer much that would be useful other than your pup is really going to miss it’s litter mates, so, be patient your first few nights may be...rocky
    Please send some photos when you can !

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