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Discussion in 'Crossbreeds Forum' started by Malka, Jun 26, 2019.

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    Tikva is a yoyo!

    Tikki is weighed every three months when Ram comes to give her the Parkworm shot, leaving a Bravecto tablet for me to give her before her evening meal. Today she also had her six-monthly wormer and as always he clips her nails if necessary. Next time she will have her yearly booster.

    And her weight since a year ago has gone from 6.5kg, up to 6.9, down to 6.5, down to 6 and now up to 6.7 so she must be a yoyo - and from the way she bounces about, leaping with all four legs off the ground at times, I think I should change her name to Zebedee! :D
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