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    Weight fluctuation

    Ram came round earlier to give Tikva her three-monthly Parkworm shot, clip her nails and leave a Bravecto tablet for after her supper.

    And the little booga has lost weight. Down to 6kg again, which is what she weighed when she was spayed at six-months-old. Since then her weight has fluctuated between 5.5kg - 6.9kg and now she is back to 6kg. Ram had originally wanted her to get to 6.5 but says he is not bothered by the fluctuation, saying that she obviously knows what weight is best for her at any one time, and unless she asks for more food, keep her to the same amount each day. As she is weighed every three months, and he feels her all over while he carries her through the bungalow to weigh her, and again when he brings her back to draw the correct amount to give her the shot, he keeps a good check on her.

    I am just not sure how a dog "knows what weight is best at any one time" but I guess that if Ram is OK with this fluctuation then I should not worry. In fact I should be more worried about my own 16kg weight loss.
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