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Discussion in 'General Dog Chat' started by Palindrome, Sep 30, 2018.

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    Which food should I choose?

    We all know there are now tons of food choices on the market and so much conflicting information! It's getting to be overwhelming!

    I'm picking up my smooth collie in about 2 weeks time! He'll stay on what the breeder is feeding him until he's settled in. What the breeder is feeding isn't my favorite, I believe it's Purina Pro Plan.

    My past dogs have done well on Taste of the Wild, but with "grain free" potentially being a not great thing I'm wondering if there's something better out there. I don't mind spending $60-70 on a 24lb bag.

    I've seen Fromm but I don't care of how the main protein in their puppy formulas are chicken. I'm looking at Solid Gold or maybe Wellness. Does anyone have any suggestions for large breed puppies or any experience with Solid Gold or Wellness?
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    Congratulations, I think Smooth Collies are a super breed. It sounds as if these foods are US brands and I am in the UK. I don't think we have Fromm any more - it used to be a quality food in the '80's, but I don't know whether the formula is still the same. We do have Taste of the Wild, and personally I do feed grain-free, (plus some home-cooked, and a little wet food), but mine are veterans not puppies!
    I agree that searching for a good food is becoming very complicated. There seem to be so many options to bear in mind. I'm hoping that one of our US large dog members can step in with a recommendation. You are right in staying on the Purina till your new boy has fully settled with you. Best wishes for him.
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    Hi, I was feeding my Akitas taste of the wild “pine forest” and had both of them on a different taste of the wild for large breed puppies when younger, I forget what it’s called.. I think it’s pretty good food at a good price, I was getting a 28 lb bag for $40+tax. A bag lasted about 12 days for my dogs. My dogs poops were looser then I think they should be and they don’t have parasites so I changed food. They also had some occasional gas...

    Now they eat nutrisource “high plains select”. That particular one had the % of protein and fat I was looking for. This brand claims you can switch between their different foods with no stomach issues. I haven’t tried this, yet... The manager at the pet food store showed me a few different foods based on my criteria, but recommend this for me over a more expensive brand, Acana. It’s only been about 3 weeks but I haven’t noticed any gas, poops seem better, maybe a little smaller, and they like it more, it’s obvious!! This brand is an all life stages food, so good for puppies too. I get 30 lbs for $55. That they obviously like it more says a lot to me...

    Acana is another good food that’s in the top of your price range, from $65-75 a bag I think. Also an all life stages food. I use to mix this 1/2 with taste of the wild.

    My local wearhouse pet food place usually has prices as good or better than chewys online.
    I’m sure there are lots of other good foods in your price range. Good luck
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