10 Week old Puppy refuses to go outside Questions

Discussion in 'Newfoundland' started by perfectlypuma, Feb 2, 2021.

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    10 Week old Puppy refuses to go outside

    We have an adorable 10 week old newfie. He refuses to go outside unless we go with him. It's not that he is having accidents still, I expect accidents. He won't even leave the house unless we are going out as well...and even then he refuses sometimes.

    We started to take treats out with us and if he followed us out then he would get a treat. But he has wised up to that and if he doesn't see us grab a treat, he won't come. He keeps an intense eye on us and if we start heading into the house he runs for the door.

    Today I was trying to get him to follow me, but I hadn't grabbed a treat yet and he peed right in front of me by the door.

    What else can I try? He is smart and treat motivated, but I can't always walk outside or grab treats fast enough.
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    He's probably feeling insecure. He's only 10 week old so he will have only have been with you a couple of weeks at most.

    Play is your friend in getting him to feel more relaxed outside.

    You really should still be going with him until he is fully housetrained, but if you do want him to get used to going out alone, try throwing a treat outside and at first following him out there. Do it for a few days then throw the treat and stand at the door few a few days and build it up slowly until he gains confidence

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