Dingo Goof Balls Questions

Discussion in 'Pomeranian' started by Omar_Bubz, May 19, 2022.

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    Dingo Goof Balls

    Hello Everyone!

    Our Pomeranian (Bubz!) is a very picky eater.

    The only treat he likes eating is the Dingo Goof Balls. I know rawhide is bad for dog but we tolerate it because he only eats the chickens part. We only give him one every other day.

    My wife was gonna pick one from the store the other day and noticed that it had an 80% discount. that made us very suspicious so we didn't buy it.

    I tried searching for a recent recall but didn't find any. Bubz is very upset with us and we can't find an alternative that he likes!

    We tried making dehydrated chicken or beef and he just wrinkles his noose when we give it to him and walks away!

    Any treat recommendation for a "VERY" picky dog.
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    I don't think we have these particular treats in the UK but if they are a variety of the sticks of rawhide with pieces of pink chicken breast stuck to them, I would NOT feed them to my dog. I suspect that they will be made in China, and contain a type of preservative which has prompted vets to issue health alerts.
    I'm sure that your Pom would eat roasted or boiled chicken meat when he gets hungry. Much safer for the little chap.
    Do you think that he might like oven baked lambs liver? Mine have always gone mad for that.

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