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Discussion in 'Norwegian Elkhound' started by Fractalelkie, Jun 5, 2021.

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    Hello everyone. I am completely new to this forum. I am posting this because I have an extremely territorial elkhound and I am running out of solution. What have you done to break this habit? Let me give you a little bit of information. My elkhound name is Nahko and he is 5 years old. He is neutered. I live in an apartment with a roommate. He started to get aggressive towards my roommate and I tried different tactics of not comforting him after he snarled or heckles showing. I gave him commands to sit or lay down and not look at him. I recently moved him out of my bedroom. Anytime my roommate went in. He bared teeth and snarled. I started to kennel him and asked my roommate to let him out of his kennel when I leave. My though was positive actions from my roommate allowing freedom for Nahko. It worked the first day. Second day, roommate went to let Nahko out of kennel and she couldn’t get close to it. He was snarling and growling showing teeth. He only has an issue with my roommate. Anyone else that comes over he is happy as can be and wanting to play with them. My roommate has never shown any negative behaviors towards Nahko. No hitting or disciplining. Any ideas to help??
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