Jack Russell luxated patella questions Questions

Discussion in 'Jack Russell Terrier' started by Mark Dunaway, Apr 2, 2022.

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    Jack Russell luxated patella questions

    I am considering adopting a Jack Russell mix. I know his litter mate sister has luxated patella. I will have him neutered anyway, so i am not worried about recessive genes. I just would like advice on whether I should pass on him because his sister has this ailment? Will he succomb too later in life? what would you do?
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    A luxated patella isn't a death sentence. Most dogs live long and happy lives. If he develops it early on, surgery may be recommended if it's a high grade case. Otherwise, it may cause arthritis and accompanying pain later in life that would require medication.

    I have adopted breed mixes that are succeptible to hip issues. To me, this is similar. I deal with the problems if/as they occur. I don't walk away from a dog I like because "it may happen". To me, that's part of adopting. I'm giving a dog a second chance at a good life, often because a health or temperament issue ruined their first chance.

    One of my shepherd adoptions had hips that were literally frozen in place. When she was spayed, the vet said even unconscious her rear legs did not spread out at all - they stuck straight up in the air. He had never seen such an extreme case before. As she grew older, she was on medication for pain management for the accompanying arthritis. I always considered her condition when taking her out and stuff. It didn't stop us from having fun and enjoying life together. But when doing things, I did pay attention to her behavior to make sure we didn't overdo things or she didn't injure herself because of her issue.
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    You don't say how old this dog is.
    Jack Russell's are a breed which is well known for tending to have a 'hitch' as a youngster. With many of them it remains just that, and doesn't cause any further problems. Some grow out of it as long as the owners are careful not to allow jumping off furniture, or lots of twisting exercise before the the pup's growth plates have closed. As there are other breed(s) in the mix, there is a good chance that the condition is not hereditary anyway. It might be worth having a vet check, your vet will be able to examine for patella fastness.

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