My Parson Russell pup & Biting Questions

Discussion in 'Parson Russell Terrier' started by Joe D., Mar 9, 2021.

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    My Parson Russell pup & Biting

    Hi everyone, I am new to this site and appreciate any help. We have a parson russell terrier-8 months old. Training is going pretty well. However, we have noticed that usually between the hours of 3pm and 6pm in the afternoon, he will take to biting and nipping at us. He will also begin "panting" quite a bit during this time. We live in a townhome and have a small backyard. We are also members of a dog park where the dogs can run and run but can only get there maybe once a week. We do live in a cold climate as well. He receives a couple walks per day (20 minutes each time). We are trying to figure out how we can resolve this biting?
    -is this common in the terrier breed?
    -will he outgrow this?
    -is he bored and needs more physical activity?
    -are there recommended chew toys to distract him from biting us?

    Appreciate any help...thanks!!
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  3. Chris

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    What are you feeding him?

    What time are his meals?
  4. Andrew Sheldon

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    I am no expert but he is still a pretty young dog full of beans.. terriers are pretty nippy dogs as is their nature, maybe he is getting excited and in need of a game. I know my dog at that age was a wee bit off the wall and used to play pretty rough games with me, she used to like tug of war type games, pulling on a toy or rag whatever was to hand and I didn't mind getting damaged... I used to do this so she could let off her energy and afterwards relax and calm down...
    Maybe just maybe he is telling you he wants to play and is excited hence the panting..
    Good luck anyhows, Im sure he will grow out of this trait but in the mean time I'm sure other members will have ideas that might help ..
  5. Queensland blue

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    I like a plaited rag For tug of war .
    Just get 3 strips of material an inch and a half or so wide and plait them together , and tie a knot At each end to finish it off. .

    If they kill the toy it’s fine just make another one .
    Although one of the second hand stores around here makes them and sells them for 20c each .
    The pup loves them

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