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Discussion in 'Bichon Frise' started by Partsman41953, Apr 18, 2017.

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    Dog food suggestions

    Hi all,

    I am looking for a good dog food brand which I can feed to my stubborn Bichon Frise's (2) and my older (14-year-old) cockapoo. I have them on 4Health, which they eat when they get hungry and now Fromm which they eat the same as the 4Health. I have them on the sensitive stomach 4Health I seem to be having a problem with my 6-year old Bichon, Toby, as he continues to vomit from time to time on the regular food. I want to feed them good food that is not real expensive.

    Also, on a different subject, how do you go about trying to get a stubborn dog, again Toby, to stop barking when HE wants something on HIS time and not yours?

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    Hi Glenn, it is difficult to advise on dog food brands as we have different ones in the UK. There are websites which rate the quality of dog food brands, being one. Maybe one of our US, (I presume you are in the US), members will jump in with their favourites. In general terms, I would pick a grain free brand with a clearly stated protein source, and ingredients. You could always add a little meat to make it more attractive, some of the wet tray foods smell appetising.

    You ask about Toby's impatient barking. I think I would start by teaching him the word Wait. Begin with very brief time periods, and ask him to wait for a treat, wait to go through a door, wait for his dish to go down etc. When he does that repetitive, 'hurry up, hurry up', barking, turn and face the wall until he completely stops, then turn and complete whatever you were doing. It shouldn't take too long for him to realise that the barking actually slows down the delivery of what he is wanting. Good luck.

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