Finding the right Rottie for me Rescue

Discussion in 'Rottweiler' started by RedFily, Apr 17, 2017.

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    Finding the right Rottie for me

    HI Everyone,

    I'm new to this forum, hoping to get advice and help from you experienced with Rotties. We are looking for a Rottie to join our family. We currently have a 2yo, submissive Mountain Cur female (spayed) and are looking for a Rottie under a year old, preferably female.
    We are looking for a younger dog, so we can properly socialize and train it. We do a lot of socializing with other dogs so this is very important. We also do a lot of hiking and "dog activities" so any dog that comes to us would be properly exercised, trained, well-loved and also be kept indoors.
    We are currently focusing on finding a rescue which is very hard with these parameters.
    If anyone has a youngster who needs adoption or a litter of puppies, please reply!

    Thanks! Tina
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    I presume you are in the US. Have you tried contacting the American Rottweiler Club to see what they have in rescue? Visit their club website for more information.

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