How to help neglected rottweiler Rescue

Discussion in 'Rottweiler' started by Margetart, Feb 2, 2018.

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    How to help neglected rottweiler

    hi all. Brand new to this forum. I am a proud Golden Retriever Mom. However, I love all dogs and animals in general!
    I have a tricky situation. We are new to Texas and live in a small town. Right down the road from us I noticed a young Rottweiler tied out. When we walked our Golden by the pup it was very shy. Then one day it was gone. I didn't see it for a month. A week or so later right around the corner I saw a small/young Rottweiller running loose in a field. We started leaving it food and water. It would never get close to us. Now after 3 months,of feeding in same spot it will get about 6 feet from my husband. I thought it was the missing neighbors Rottweiler...but I've since found out it is feral. We continue to feed it morning and evening. Here's the tricky part. The neighbor is keeping their Rottweiler in an old metal shed. No windows. We heard it crying...we never see it out. The animal control here won't help. I want to rescue it...I am just heartbroken. I need to make this a bit clearer: There are 2 Rottweilers. The feral one we feed and the abused one. My neighbor speaks very little English. Don't know them. Advice please.
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    I don't know which part of Texas you are in, but I believe it is a little larger than than the UK.:005:
    I just did a search for,
    Animal Welfare, Texas, and Animal Welfare Officers, Texas. There do seem to be a few organizations, but I don't know which would be the most appropriate.
    Alternatively, you could try contacting the American Rottweiler Club's Rescue Foundation, and ask for their advice.
    Good luck. I agree, both these dogs need help.

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