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Discussion in 'Siberian Husky' started by Ruber, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. Ruber

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    Husky howling when left alone

    We have a Husky mix ,who is 7,5 yrs old. We adopted him. He is howling when we leave him alone , I read many articles about it , but can I get some advice ?
    Thank you!
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  3. Markie Paige

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    Markie Paige
    They are pack animals they hate being alone give him something to do wear him out before you leave him. They love to be with people or other huskies tho loneliness isn't an uncommon other unheard of issue in the breed. If you can handle two of them buy another husky give the current one someone to play with. They really don't like being alone
  4. Branjo Snow

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    Here's what I did, I went on Youtube and downloaded several videos of around 2 hours long of dogs at the park, birds, ducks, squirrels and rabbits, put them on a USB drive and played them on the TV.

    Lots of chirping, rustling and nature sounds on the videos, it calmed him down a lot. Though I had to put my sound bar above the TV because he would lick the speakers trying to taste the squirrels, and was convinced they were somehow hiding in the back of the TV.

    He would get on his IKEA chair and focus on the TV for ages, then it would tire him out and he would just snooze, occasionally lifting an eyelid or prick his ears to a weird animal sound.

    Before I did this he had no concept of the TV, but when I made it look like I was touching the animals on the screen, the big wide world of TV entertainment just opened up to him. These days he seems to like Bobs Burgers more than the squirrels.

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