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    Weimaraner behavior

    Hi. So we are living in a village/city, with nature around us. We have an apartament with Luna and Marley living with us. Luna is female 6 years, she is a wise lady, and Marley 5 years, my shadow. They have much love from us, sometimes there are days when Marley is pissing all over the apartament, and that is wery stresfoul for me. They go out at 5am, than at 2pm, than 6pm, and 9pm, of coursr this changes with season. Now it is too hot outside and nobady of us like to be out for long time. I think that Marley is pissing becousr of some psihic stres or something like that. His health is good. They eat raw food, meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, seeds etc. Anybody experiencing similar situations.? Also, when they are both on walk their behavior changes. So it is like this. Marley alon with me is the best dog. Walking near me if i sit he sit also and stay with me like shadow, if Luna is with us, they attack smaller animals, they are acting wery defensive. This make me problems going in " civilisation ", Luna like to swim, Marley is nit so happy with water. We also had cats with us and ewerything was fine. Again this morning whan i woke up all the place was wet from Marley.
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    Hi Goran,
    I don't think I will be able to be of much help to you, but i'll try.

    Any breed of dog will potentially have behavioural issues, especially during their teenage stage that typically occurs between one and two years of age. At this time young dogs, particularly those with more dominant temperaments such as the Weimaraner, will test the human's ability to be the leader of the pack. This testing is usually fairly predictable and includes simply ignoring the owner, refusing to follow commands or showing challenging types of behaviours. This may include play growling at the family during games, attempting to be the leader, and becomes a bit of a bossy dog with the other pets, dogs, kids or people that are not seen as the alpha leader.
    One thing, how big is your apartment and does it have a garden?

    Get these people on the case lol. @CaroleC @Malka @GsdSlave
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