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Jun 8, 2010
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    Swindon, UK
    Your dogs name/s:
    Cassidy and Harry
    Breeds owned:
    Airedale Terriers
    Other Breeds owned or previously owned:
    Oscar (Airedale Terrier), died July 07
    Has owned dogs for:
    1 to 3 years
    Dogs Owned:
    Number of dogs owned over the years.:
    I have trained dogs to:
    An intermediate level (10 commands or more)
    Believe in using positive training methods?:
    Have you ever shown any of your dogs?:
    Yes have been for 1 - 3 years
    Have you ever bred your dog?:
    Other Animals I own:
    • No
    Marital Status:
    in LTR
    Children / Grandchildren:
    My Story:
    I have always wanted an Airedale Terrier since I was a little girl, and when my partner and I bought our first home in 2006 we were finally able to get our long awaited Airedale (well, partner would rather have had a Border Collie but I won and he has since been firmly converted!). Oscar was a gorgeous, easy dog. He achieved Gold level obedience and had started agility when he became very ill in July 07 and died of suspected pancreatitis aged just 13 months. It was a devastating shock as he had always seemed healthy and well.

    In September 2007 we heard about Harry, a 10 year old Airedale who urgently needed a new home due to a divorce. We were cautious as given his age we knew we would face heartache again in the none to distant future, but part of us felt that maybe we were meant to help him. We went to visit him and the deal was done - he was a beautiful gentle soul who we knew was meant to be with us. He has settled in brilliantly. He snoozes a lot, but adores his walks, cuddles and food.

    Cassidy was a gift from Oscar's breeders. They are very good Airedale breeders and were as horrified as we were at Oscar's death. She came to live with us in November 2007. It has been hard doing all the puppy stuff so soon again, but she and Harry make us smile on a daily basis. We have begun to show her and had moderate success, but most of all we are all enjoying it.
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