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Oct 11, 2010
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    Lancashire, UK
    Breeds owned:
    Border collies, chinese crest
    Has owned dogs for:
    More than 20 years!
    Dogs Owned:
    7 or more!
    I have trained dogs to:
    A high level (more than 20 different commands)
    Believe in using positive training methods?:
    Yes - but I will raise my voice if I have to
    Have you ever shown any of your dogs?:
    have been for more than 15 years
    Have you ever bred your dog?:
    yes - I am an ethical breeder who breeds an occasional litter to further my breed only
    Other Animals I own:
    • Cat/s
    • Bird/s
    • Fish
    Marital Status:
    in LTR
    Children / Grandchildren:
    My Story:
    My name is Tracy, I live with my partner Ivan on a smallholding in a small village in Lancashire with all our beloved animals, I am a qualified groomer, I have groomed dogs for over 20 years, I was brought up in the showing world, as my mother showed Bichon Frise, when I left home I went into competitive obedience with my border collies and later took up showing again, I have kept collies for over 20 years , chinese crested for 7 years and recently chow chows, we also have our horses which I have had all my life, mum had arab horses which we showed and raced, Ivan as trained gundogs for the field and we both are very active in the dog world, we breed an occasional litter, all our dogs are health tested.
    We also do a lot for rescues, foster and hand rearing, battery hen rescues, we love our animals very much they are our life!!
    dog training and showing, horse riding
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