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Jun 29, 2010
Oct 23, 2007
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Nov 13, 1984 (Age: 39)
North Yorkshire, UK
Support Officer in Local Education Authority

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Sez & Amber

New Member, 39, from North Yorkshire, UK

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Jun 29, 2010
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    Nov 13, 1984 (Age: 39)
    North Yorkshire, UK
    Support Officer in Local Education Authority
    Your dogs name/s:
    Amberella and Roux
    Breeds owned:
    2 Brindled Monsters (lurchers)
    Other Breeds owned or previously owned:
    Border Collie
    Jack Russel
    German Shepherd
    Has owned dogs for:
    9 to 20 years
    Dogs Owned:
    Number of dogs owned over the years.:
    4 - 6
    I have trained dogs to:
    A Basic Level (up to 4 commands)
    Believe in using positive training methods?:
    Yes - but I will raise my voice if I have to
    Have you ever shown any of your dogs?:
    No I do not show
    Have you ever bred your dog?:
    Other Animals I own:
    • Horse/s
    • Bird/s
    • Reptile/s
    • Rabbit/s
    Marital Status:
    in LTR
    Children / Grandchildren:
    Land Rover Discovery
    My Story:
    In brief... =o)
    My name is Sez, and I live in the North East of England with my partner, Darren, and our menagerie. At present, we have Amber (whippet x staff lurcher), Roux (greyhound x English Bull Terrier x Staff), Salsa (ex-racehorse), River (warmblood x Thoroughbred filly), Bandit & Fable (French Lop bunnies), Candleston (Tawny owl), and Kes (American corn snake).

    I suffer from Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos syndrome, which has a huge impact on my life. It is a connective tissue disorder, which means my body isn't held together as well as it should be, and I dislocate and subluxate very easily. It also affects my muscles, skin and soft tissues, and leaves me with chronic pain and fatigue.

    My family are Pagan, and as a child I was fortunate to be able to take part in some interesting projects. I was involved in Viking re-enactment from a very early age; was part of a group that built a stone circle at a farm regularly used for Pagan festival camps; and also took part in the creation of a Celtic settlement at a living history museum (unfortunately it was destroyed by arsonists several years ago). I am a Second Degree Reiki practitioner, and perform as a vocalist in a Pagan "Folk-Rock" band, Stormcrow. My more relaxing interests include reading, creative writing (mostly poetry and songs), and I love painting and drawing when my hands are feeling up to it.
    Horse riding, music, Paganism, Reiki, creative writing, photography
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