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    2 Male Staffs

    Hi everyone, new member and first post just looking for a bit of advice.

    I’ll start with some background. I have 2 young male staffies.

    Koby 14 months old, got him as a pup at 10 weeks, very quiet timid dog barely a bark out of him ever, and loves peoples attention although can get fixated at times. Also loves cuddles and as a pup very easy and responsive to train.

    Benji 8 months old, got him at 10 weeks also, complete opposite of Koby, he’s loud and whining likes to do his own thing. Likes a bit of attention but doesn’t like to be smothered.

    Originally when we brought benji into the house Koby was quiet obsessive, following him around, lots of licking found it hard to settle but never any aggression towards him. After a couple of weeks though they were best friends. Outside playing together, falling asleep on the same bed on top of each each other in front of the fire, walking side by side when going for walks with little to no pulling. Doing training together and even receiving treats side by side and not trying to grab each other’s, just a little sniff.

    I should mention that they are kept apart when we aren’t around and sleep in the kitchen and sitting room kept apart by a baby gate. And there has been a few snaps at each other but nothing as ever gotten out of control till recently.

    Benji has gotten quiet possessive of me and I only picked up on his behaviour after it was too late but now I’m doing everything required to correct this. Last week while outside benji sat in by my legs which he had started doing quiet a lot ( which of course I thought was cute and would give him rubs and attention ) and then wouldn’t let Koby near me, out of nowhere benji lunged for him and they did have a bad fight, which ended up with benji going to the vet with cuts above and below his eye and there wasn’t a scratch on Koby. There was a bit of tension around for the evening but no other fights. I was away all day the next day and it was just my other half with them but they were best friends again. Even fallen asleep together at the end of the couch at my other half’s feet.

    This possessive Behavior has continued but now I am aware of it I either push benji away or just get up and walk away from him when he tries to sit in front of me. If I’m giving attention to Koby benji would cone over and push him out of the way and get in between us but again i just get up and walk away and not pay any attention to it. And I am finding it’s keeping tension down.

    I know that a lot of this is probably down to them both maturing as benji is pushing his limits even with me, not responding to commands straight away etc. But I’m not even sure who is the dominant one as they both portray different characteristics of been dominant and both even mount each other on regular occasions. We have tried to reinforce benji as Koby is more submissive but still hasn’t worked.

    So I am wondering if I am right and it’s down to them maturing? As in is it a phase that will pass??

    Is Benji been possessive of me or is he trying to act like he’s the alpha of the house??

    And is there any info, tips anything anyone can give before this becomes a bigger problem. Or anything I may be doing that’s causing a problem.

    Thanks a million and I’ve tried to give as much info as possible but if ye need to know anything else please ask :)
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    You need a positive behaviourist who is well versed in the breed to come in and observe them with both you and hubby present.

    Without being able to see what's going on, any advice you get could well have the reverse effect.

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