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Discussion in 'Whippet' started by adrienne, Dec 21, 2020.

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    Whippets just aren't aggressive dogs. It isn't a thing. I know that dogs, in general, can have certain resource guarding issues, etc., but Whippets are known for their gentle nature. My 4 & 1/2 month old has developed, seemingly out of nowhere, serious aggression issues toward me and my husband in the past few weeks. At first we thought, "ok a slight resource guarding thing...", then he wasn't feeling well for a bit so we thought that didn't help, but it's just been getting worse and worse.

    He is all better now and the aggression is quite serious. If you touch him while eating or soon after he leaps and bites quite viciously. Often when he's resting, if approached or disturbed he will growl and attack or just attack. If with a treasured toy will attack if approached. Otherwise though, the stereotypical cuddler always trying to be closer when you sit on the couch, loves to play and will drop other toys at our feet or even try to get us to hold them for him while he chews.

    It's like he's bipolar. I don't know what we did wrong! It's been long enough now, and its gotten serious enough now, that it doesn't seem like a phase. I'm on the verge of taking him in for behavior training. Please any advice!
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