Airedales - Are they the largest terrier? Questions

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    I am a proud owner of a spunky 5 month old Airedale. My experience with her and how we are raising her is socializing her in every situation. She knows no strangers and loves to play with other dogs not matter their size or breed. We take her to any place that allows dogs and to the dog park several times a week. She will stand at the gate entrance and act as a greeter. Hilarious! Airedales need firm consistent instruction. They are really fast learners. She knew her basic commands very early on. However, they also can become bored easily and like challenges. I know when she starts to roam around and is looking for something to do. Airedales were originally bred for an all utility dog to help farmers. They can seek prey, were used during WWI sending messages(they are courageous), used in agility and pretty much any type of activity. Many Airedales love food! If we just walk into the kitchen she is there behind us. One of the perks about this breed they are low/non shedding. They do require grooming. Mine does not like to be alone for hours and rarely is.They like to be a part of the family. Also, they are a very active breed and need to be able to run and play every day. But if your looking for a dog that is always finding a way to entertain you because they can be goofy then Airedales would be a great choice. We are in love!
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