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Discussion in 'Japanese Akita Inu' started by taz_in_2001, Mar 18, 2011.

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    Akita inu

    Hi all,

    Thanks for looking, I am after a bit of help regarding Akita Inu's, I have found an accredited breeder that has pups due, she has stated that the price would be £1500 for a pup, I have also found other accredited breeders that range between £600-£800, some with champ bloodlines. I was wondering if any of you know about the breed or know of prices around this breed.

    I am a bit bewildered of the price jumps between breeders.

    Thanks for any help in advance :grin:
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  3. twilightwolf

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    Lone Wolf
    If you are looking for an akita, i would definitely do your research first of all as they are not always the easiest dogs to train. - Some can be quite stubborn.

    Lovely dogs, They are amazingly loyal and have wonderful temperaments but need to be thoroughly socialised around other dogs just to ensure they are happy to mix with them.

    I'm going to be really bias here and say instead of looking for a breeder, have you ever considered taking on a rescue akita? I know a couple of websites which are offering some lovely dogs new homes, and foster homes and can also put you into contact with the lady which runs friendsofakitas (an akita rescue) she gets in dogs of all ages, from all over the country. PM me if you want more details.

    But please, before taking on the dog research, research, research. An amazing dog, very beautiful and very loyal. But research before!

    I personally love the Japanese Akita :) National dog of Japan! How can I not love it!?
  4. HoneyBunny

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    Sorry just thought I'd say this I completely agree with twilightwolf the Japanese Akita looks much better then the American Akita and not as highly strung.
  5. morganstar

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    If I was you I'd contact the breed clubs, I'm sure they'll be able to point you in the right direction.
  6. david richardso

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    Can't help you on the price, but can say that they are a clean, loyal and truly beautiful breed, but need very careful training. We had a happy 12 years with our bitch, attending puppy classes, then intermediate and advanced classes, which is an excellent way of socialising. They are very calm as puppies, very little bother indeed, and perfect with their own human and canine pack, but ours did have little patience with other dogs: Never bothered anything that didn't bother her, but would put up with no nonsense.
    You do need to be aware of that trait. We loved her dearly, and she was a brilliant dog, but that characteristic did remain.
  7. Borderdawn

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  8. Kuromi

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    I know this is an old thread but I can help shed some light regarding price. With Japanese Akita Inu, it's the best and most recent Japanese bloodlines that command the highest price. It costs a phenomenal amount of money to import good dogs from Japan hence the price of recent Japanese lined puppies here, but most of these are the best bloodlines in the country. You won't see many champions on these pedigrees as top prizes in Japan don't show on UK pedigrees so you really have to get to know the bloodlines very well, which can be hard, so the breed club is certainly the best place to go if looking for a puppy. You also most definitely get what you pay for in this breed, if I was looking for a good one and it was less than £2000 (average for a show potential pup) then I'd be worried! They are so worth it though, they are amazing!
  9. Cassius

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    I agree wit hthe last poster. If you are able to or happy to (or not bothered about the pedigree) then taking on a resuce Akita can be an amazing experience. But you do have to be so careful with them because of how stubbornt hey can be, how littel they will put up with from new family members etc if they've been allowed to run riot previously. It's hard enought o train bad habits out of any breed, but if you have an Akita with a stubborn streak without any training, you can so easily run inot major problems without realsing it.

    having said that, if you want the best lines and a young pup that you can train to your own prefrences and standards etc, then find a breeder who knows everything and anything about the Japanese lines. In this regard, anything less that about £1000-£1200 I'd steer clear of. That's not to sya you couldn't get a great dog for less money. But it does depend on what you're looking for.

    Go to the breed shows, speak to the owners and breeders and contact the breed club. Do as much research as you can. It's not a breed to be taken lightly.

    I grew up with these dogs and along with the GSD, they are my favourite breed. In the future when I don't have the dogs I have now, I will have another Akita (certainly Japanese, definitely not American).
  10. My bear Yoji

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    Did you manage to buy an Akita ?
    If so, it would be great to see some photos

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