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Discussion in 'Bull Breeds Forum' started by pitboy, Jul 23, 2013.

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    Sandy (Baxter8 )
    I don't think pitboy was bullied at all - when he initially posted he didn't show his hand at all, he neither agreed nor disagreed with the breeding of these dogs - he then disappeared and reappeared later - I think, although I'm not certain, claiming to be against the practice of breeding these dogs. During his absence, some on here smelt a rat.

    I am not sure why you think his responses were insightful and measured - am I missing something here? He is not exempt from criticism is he?

    This is a forum - ideas and information are exchanged, debate is encouraged, passions, prejudices and fears are inevitable.

    I think if you can't stand the heat - stay out of the kitchen.

    I have posted on here and been criticised, I like to think I've re-examined my views and in some cases adjusted them and moved on. Pitboy isn't immuned from this.

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    I think he's told someone that if they just wanted to assume the worse of him based on their own judgements then that says more about them than him - that was the insightful bit, never truer word said, sort of wisdom one would find in the bible for example. he said this and couple other things quite succinctly and without getting too heated about it. That's the measured and mature bit.

    Lots of ways to read his actions - like jackbbox I Just was otherwise ok kid who scapered for a bit when the realisation what he posted hit home . Blimey , I would have kept my head down to LOL.

    for the record I don't think he just.posted the thread just to keep people informed, he probably thought it was good but wasn't educated on the issues, but I'm sure he is now LOL. and there's no harm in a young evolving man trying to retain some semblance of facef
    face . not everything is a suspicious as us cynical old gits think
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    Hi its all very well complaining about people breeding montrositys but at the moment,we seem to be diluting the gene pool,not for the dogs sake,but a fad of having a dog called a doodle it doesnt seem to matter if its a lab poodle,or cocker and if this continues in 12 years,poodles,Labs etc may very well not exist as we know them,then what,how are going to get back to pure breeds,if every lab is used to produce a doodle,I think a stain will remain for ever on the breeding record,although I am not sure with these new breeds as you do not get a pedigree with them,but the bitch and stud will have a pedigree,but if you try to go back to breeding just a lab that has been mated with a poodle,how will this show on the pedigree especially if you are asked for 5 generations.
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    Oh those pictures are awful, so upsetting, they look as though it would be a struggle to walk ;-(

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