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Discussion in 'Whippet' started by john_mac83, May 28, 2007.

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    Anyone have staffy x whippet experience?

    Hi first post on here having stumbled across the site when looking for info on a staffy x whippet. Has anyone had any experience with this breed?

    I have been offered one and was wondering if they are good family pets as I have two young children? The current owner has assured me she has a lovely temperament and is used to children but was just looking for some other
    opinions? I have pics but not sure how to upload on this site..

    Any advice would be greatly received.
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    Hi John. Welcome to Dogsey :smt039 :smt039

    Staffys are nicknamed the nanny dog because they are so good with children. Whippets tend to be very gentle natured.

    There are plenty of staffy owners and I think a fair few whippet owners on Dogsey who will be able to help you more than I can!

    Things that I would consider would be:

    How old are your children and are they used to dogs?

    How old is this dog and do you know why the current owner is rehoming her?
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    We have a 13 year old Staffie Whippet Cross. She was rescued aged 11 months. I have been a dog owner all of my life but this dog, called Bounty, is the tops. Her temperament is gentle but fun loving. She loves to curl up beside you on the settee but in her younger years loved to play ball and was fast. She fits in with all we do and with everybody. She accepts children and puppies. We have grandchildren who are fine with her and she with them. She is obedient but tends to stay around us and not wander far. Excellent on the lead. When she arrived she was overtrained and we had to teach her the fun of playing, patience extended her fun. She has always played respectfully with other dogs, these days she mostly ignores them. We also always have two free ranging rabbits, initially Bounty showed signs of seeing them as prey, I sat with her on the lead for maybe an hour, soon she accepted them as family members.

    When that sad day comes and we lose Bounty we would love another Staffie x Whippet.

    As with all dogs temperament varies and firm but gentle training succeeds. Good luck and hope if you decide to have the dog she brings as much pleasure to you.

    Bounty is part of our family.


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    The post you responded to was 14 years old

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