Anyone see Midlands today, BBC1? General Chat

Discussion in 'Bull Breeds Forum' started by Luke, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. Luke

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    Anyone see Midlands today, BBC1?

    Anyone see Midlands today, about the 8 pits been seized from a back garden in the B'ham area?
    All going to be destroyed:( Really horrible state of affairs...
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  3. sky_high_bluest

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    I've just watched the footage on the bbc web site! we're back to the old what is a pit bull again! because none of the dogs looked like a pit bull to me! just one looked like a cross breed and the others looked like staffs??? none had signs of being in fights and none showed any real signs of aggresion towards the intruders in there back yard?
  4. dori-katie

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    Sarah-Jane Ruthwell
    I have just watched it, poor dogs.:-(
    They showed some that had been in fight, they had loads of injuries, one had half its ear missing.:-( and they said that one dog had over 100 injuries.

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