Are Presa canario dogs on the DDA? Questions

Discussion in 'Presa Canario' started by bens mum, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. kirsty_

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    I recently met a presa and wow she was absolutely stunning. She is about 16 months old and weighs 54kg not one ounce of fat on her just solid muscle. She's very friendly but very very powerful and the owners sometimes strugle to hold her on the lead.
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  3. tera

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    A very serious breed!!

    I'v spoke to alot of Presa breeders, not peddlars just out to breed dogs and make money either..real good breeders of working stock and they will all say the same thing '' not an ideal pet'' and definately not for a novice owner.

    I'm sure there are tamer show bred Presa about though, just another breed for the peddlars to get a hold of and rinse untill the bottom drops out of the market like it used to be withAB's..
  4. Kerryowner


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    They are quite unusual I think but there was one for sale in our local paper yesterday. Said it was an unspayed bitch who was not good with other dogs. Bit of a worry I would think with a dog that size and you would think a responsible owner would spay the bitch to ensure she didn't become a breeding machine for the new owner to make money out of if they sell for quite a lot of money. As well as possibly passing the temperament on to the puppies of course.

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