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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Azz, Feb 2, 2014.

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    Are you Mod material?

    We often get asked about mod positions over on Dogsey, and as I think we may need more mods here (because we could potentially host large and busy forums for lots and lots of breeds) and because in a way everyone gets a clean slate as this is a brand new forum... I thought it would be useful putting up some notes detailing what we look for in mods, and how you can get noticed.

    As we host breed specific forums, then being a fanatic of a breed will help greatly! :) Are you knowledgeable about a breed? Do you keep up to date about what's going on with a breed? Or maybe you just love them! Demonstrating any of this, and being very active in a breed's forum will surely get you noticed as a potential mod for that breed's section.

    Another thing we generally look at is how you interact with others on the forum. Are you fair? Have a thick skin? Sensible? Considerate? Do you make people feel welcome? Help them with questions? Reply to their threads? Take people under your wings? Deflect situations when things may start to get a little ugly? If so, you'll get plenty of Brownie points for all that :D

    Finally, are the things that will get you noticed as someone who we won't think will make a good mod. Causing unnecessary drama, going off in a huff or puff when something doesn't go your way, being rude, being over-sensitive, making people feel stupid, patronising others, being condescending, getting into fights etc etc, we all know the type I'm on about :101:

    Another thing that might get you noticed, is agreeing to this post by hitting the like button :p
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    I'm totally NOT moderator material as I am easily inflamed and tend to voice my opinions too strongly... but that being said, I do think that good moderators are very, very important. I am a part of some other site (not even dog related) that has poor moderators and the site traffic has gone down a lot because nobody trusts them to be fair.

    It's important that people trust the moderators to be fair and so maybe it would be good if there was a way for some of the users to perhaps vote in mods or something. I trust that the best moderators possible will be selected by site owners and administrators, but it is just a suggestion.

    I do believe that people will take sides, but I don't think it will be a problem because nobody likes everybody, even if almost everyone is a good person. Some personalities just clash. It's how it is. Anyway, good luck with finding good moderators! :023:

    "Brownie points" made me think of my old dog Brownie. I have never heard it said like that before

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