As I'm here I may as well say Hi. Introductions

Discussion in 'Dobermann' started by Witm8, Jul 25, 2018.

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    As I'm here I may as well say Hi.

    Well I was going to post a question on here, but actually after looking though the thread where people have shown their dogs it's answered itself. It was about the pointy ears - but it looks as if there are a large quantity of 'droopy eared' dobermans out there.

    We're thinking of a doberman as possibly our next dog - or a rottweiler. Actually, between you and me I would love to find a 'rotterman' if that's what they're called.

    I personally love the brown ones, so as I'm here I may as well ask a question - is there any differences between the two ?

    Anything else I should know from you owners that you wished you knew before ?
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    The Americans and certain other countries crop and post Dobermann ears to make them stand. If you see any in the UK they will either be imported or have been illegally done - it has been against the law here since 1899, but illegal cropping can be seen in some areas. All Dobes and Rotties should have tails too, as docking has been banned since 2007.
    Brown and tan, and black and tan Dobermann puppies can appear in the same litter, though there are far fewer browns. The only disadvantage seems to be that the colour can bleach a little, usually later in life.

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