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Discussion in 'Boerboel' started by LMost, Oct 3, 2015.

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    Black dogs kicked out of standard

    The SABBS on 09/17/2015 officially kicked all the mutts that where snuck into the registry as ultra brindle and black, back when it was then the SABT.

    Only USA org ignoring this is the NABBA. Also believe the Aussie org is also.

    On a good note, no more over priced "Rare Black Boerboel".

    What are others thoughts in this matter?

    Currently some are now calling them Muller Mastiff.
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    I honestly don't care the color as long as the dog does the job. Off color or not if it works it is fine by me, unless a color is associated with a health issue, that's the only exception. Some people care of trivial matters and these such things are the reason why certain breeds are in the dire situations they are today. The fallacy of purity.
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    The black Boerboel is a true controversy among Boerboel enthusiasts. Black Boerboels are not true Boerboels. They are known actually a breed known as an African Mastino. They are 3/4 Boerboel and 1/4 Cane Corso. All black Boerboels should be considered and registered as African Mastinos. There is nothing wrong with the African Mastino, but they should not be bred or sold as purebred Boerboels.

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