Bladder issue/skittish advice please Questions

Discussion in 'German Shorthaired Pointer' started by Courtney B, Mar 14, 2020.

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    Bladder issue/skittish advice please

    Hey guys. I have an almost 3 year old lab/gsp mix (officially more lab...personality and traits definitely more gsp). When he was a puppy he would pee when he got excited. When he hit about a year old he got over it and stopped. Within the last year it has started again. Even if he is let outside and pees right before greeting someone he still pees a little.
    He has also become very skittish. Even if I leave him alone for a half hour when i get back he runs and hides. And once he gets over it he'll come greet (or sometimes just give you a sign that he is ready to be approached) and pee.
    Not sure if these are related or why these have changed.
    Any body else have these issues or any advice? I've tried scolding him for peeing which makes the skittishness worse. Greeting outside hasn't helped as as soon as we get inside to greet (it's cold here so we do our hugs and scratches inside) he pees.
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    To me this boy sounds anxious rather than naughty. Please don't scold him for his excitable peeing. This will only make him more anxious, and make it more likely that he will feel like passing urine - especially as you say it is so cold.
    Both of the breeds in his make up were bred to do a days work in the field. Is he getting enough exercise and mental stimulation? This should help to reduce the level of his excitability - and in turn make him less likely to leak urine. Teach him to greet you calmly, just a brief pat as a reward for this, then immediately release him for the chance pass urine in the correct place.
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    For some dogs it can be excitement others submissive
    Kyra who was a rescue used to do this, but hers was submissive, I found by just ignoring her until things settled helped, it did get better over the years but she would still occasionally do it.

    Might be worth taking a urine sample into the vet, just to rule out any health problems.

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