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Discussion in 'French Bulldog' started by FrenchieLove, Nov 1, 2019.

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    Boas surgery claiming on insurance

    About a year ago we saw a consultant about whether our Frenchie needed BOAS surgery or not. The consultant was really vague and unhelpful, but what we eventually took from it was that our dog wasn't that bad and so it wasn't worth risking surgery.

    A couple of weeks ago we were in for a check up and a different vet said his nares should definitely be done. Soft palate is assessed during this and may also be needed.

    Because we've waited, we now can't claim on our insurance because the policy changed a few months ago.

    We don't yet know if he's definitely going to need the soft palate surgery, but we now can't afford it even if he does.

    I feel angry at the consultant, frustrated that I didn't realise changing the policy would mean I couldn't claim later, and utterly sick with guilt that my poor sweet boy may be suffering and it's all my fault for getting a Frenchie in the first place and perpetuating the popularity of this unhealthy breed when they need special care. I was so determined to be prepared and I've fallen right into the same trap as so many others.

    I love him so much. I feel like an idiot. I know we don't know yet if he needs the soft palate part but either way I wanted to share my distress with people who understand.
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    The breed is getting crazy popular over here too. Craigslist is loaded with puppies for sale. I know many of those will have issues too.

    People will hoot and holler that "good" breeders of these dogs will make sure they don't breed from dogs with true issues in the cranial structure, but at the end of the day... You are buying a brachycepahlic, unnatural looking, highly genetically modified dog at your own risk.

    If it isn't breathing problems, sadly it is often something else. I have actually never found these dogs appealing and would never own one, but a lot of people get lured into a cute trap with them.

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