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Discussion in 'Boxer' started by Balas mum, Oct 25, 2012.

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    Well you (you and partner) implied most certainly that you intended if indeed havent yet, to post details of the dogs breeding. Sire etc.. plus of course date of birth. You must realise that this as well as the details already posted are going to identify people.

    As I said (if you hadnt already seen) the damage has already been done, in fact the title and first post was enough.

    May I suggest if you have any problems with your dog that you try to contact the breeder herself, she should be your first port of call, and although I know nothing of her, if you have done your homework and bought from a responsible breeder who fulfils all health tests for the breed, you will most likely find her very helpful and supportive.
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    Thread closed and breeders name removed.

    OP and Flickers are welcome to post a thread in the health section to get input on specifics as mentioned in my last post.
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