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Discussion in 'Pomeranian' started by NiCS, Nov 5, 2023.

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    Breed pomeranians

    I hope my message finds you well all.

    I have a pomeranian small spitz female(she has 4kg at 3 years old) and our neighbors
    have a male Pomeranian(boo or toy) of 4years old that has 2kg.

    We we're thinking to breed them but taking in consideration the size difference would that be a problem?

    Puppies will be only for us not for sale and I am asking this hoping that someone else got through this situation before.

    She is small spitz pomeranian not regular spitz because I know that this might raise confusion.

    I'm waiting for your replies
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    So you are prepared to potentially have 8-12 puppies between the two of you? For their entire lives?

    Not only is there a size issue, but you will need both dogs checked out by a vet, including genetic testing, to make sure they don't pass on any number of genetic diseases.

    Where did your dogs come from? Are they registered? Did the breeder do testing on their parents? Do you have copies of those test results? If not, then odds are they were not properly bred ensuring their genetic and temperament health.

    While your current dogs are wonderful, I can guarantee you that 90% of the people who breed their wonderful dog so they can have a puppy of equal wonderfullness are disappointed. You cannot guarantee that any of the puppies will be at all like your dog.
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    Please don't choose a stud for your girl just because he is a neighbour. I would first make sure your registration papers are in order, and then look up the health requirements for your breed. (see your national Kennel Club for these). The very minimum would be a thorough vet check, paying attention to the structure of the patella joints - which can be a particular problem in toy dogs.
    Next to choose a sire. You could visit a breed show and speak to some of the owners, or if your girl is well bred, you could ask her breeder to recommend a stud who might suit her bloodlines. The male should be chosen with care and attention to his health record too.
    A Pom is not likely to have a large litter, but tiny puppies can need a lot of care to get started, so be prepared to put your life on hold for three months. Breeding dogs is not a simple process.

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