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Discussion in 'Airedale Terrier' started by Joseph T Cestaro, Sep 12, 2020.

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    Hello... I am new to this site... would this be a venue to get reviews of breeders? I would like to know I'm dealing with a reputable breeder... does anyone have any input on breeder reviews? Thank you.
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    Hi Joe,
    I'm not sure which country you are in, but even if you are in the UK, I don't have any personal contacts in Airedales. I do think they are a super breed though.
    In general, when dealing with a breeder that I didn't know, I would start my search with the breed clubs. I would expect them to be a member of at least one breed club, and to have demonstrated an interest in the breed by attending shows. I would definitely want them to have their breeding stock health tested to the recommended level for the breed - and be able to show satisfactory results.
    Your national Kennel Club will have a list of the Airedale breed clubs, and you should be able to find the health test requirements on their pages too. The breed clubs usually have a code of ethics for their membership, and there may also be a breeder list on their webpages. Don't be afraid to ask the breed club for advice.

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