Bull Terrier 9 Months Becoming Jealous Questions

Discussion in 'Bull Breeds Forum' started by Carryn, Jun 30, 2017.

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    Bull Terrier 9 Months Becoming Jealous

    My bully, male, 9 months old is becoming possessive and jealous around the other dogs who where here before him. In the past 3 days he has attacked my Belgium Shepard female, while I am around. I have separated them now but I need to correct this behavior urgently. I do believe I have contributed to this behaviour as I have been very affectionate with him, but I need to correct it asap. He has had basic training, and he knows I am the boss, although he has never challenged me he sometimes pushed the boundaries and ignores my commands if to much happening around him which is more interesting. Some advise will be very very welcomed. I am wondering if Ishould just go get him nurtured and sutterly not give him so much affection to try and rectify this before it gets too out of hand. I have owned bull terriers before but haven't had this challenge with the others I owned.
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