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Discussion in 'Bull Breeds Forum' started by Murf, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. mario1234

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    Hi Murf
    just because he could not proof that the bully in the pic is the sire and i have to just take his word.
    And the mum does not look like a full presa.
    Anyway got the pup now and he has huge paws.
    looks like he will be the size of a donky. 25kg at 16 weeks
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  3. Murf

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    Looks like they cant sell the whole litter if tney still have them at 16 weeks .. You should start another thread and post some pics up,, The admin of this site is a big Presa fan ,,
  4. Alphatest

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    Hi Mario - post pics of your pup, I'd think it's a nice cross in experienced hands - two breeds I like :grin:

    However, as many have said, it seems most of the people currently breeding Bully's are not of the desirable type - and are giving the breed a bad name.

    Re the litter you are talking about, I doubt it was one of J7's Presa's as he is very picky about where his litters go.. but then you never know as it's so hard to keep track once you've sold a pup.

    I'm sure you probably already know, but make sure you socialise your dog, a LOT, and continually - with friendly dogs - you don't want him getting attacked at a young age as that could turn him dog aggressive for life.


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